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Karen’s mortgage career started in 1998 as a temporary position with a San Diego based document preparation and software company.  Due to her dedicated work ethic and willingness to learn, the position turned permanent within a month.  In 2001, she was offered a position with a local mortgage company as a dedicated document drawer and was promoted to funder within a few months.  Upon her husband’s military relocation to the east coast in 2005, Karen then found a position with a title company.  As a title processor, Karen worked closely with lenders to prepare the title work needed to process the borrower’s loan.  In 2007, Karen could see the writing on the wall that would become the unfortunate market down-turn, she decided to enter the healthcare field.  Working in healthcare was challenging, exciting, and rewarding.  Although it was different than mortgage, she was still able to help people when they needed it.  In 2013, her husband retired from the US Navy after serving for 20 years and they moved back to San Diego in early 2014 to be closer to his family.  At this time, Karen decided to get back into the mortgage industry.  Since that time, she has worked in Jr. Processing, Funding, and Closing Disclosure Management.

Karen’s ability to quickly learn new software programs and loan products, along with her attention to detail, is a great asset to MortgageOne.



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