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I'm Cheryl Zenski
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Cheryl Zenski
Hello, welcome to my page.

Hello there! I’m Cheryl Zenski and I’ve been immersed in the world of mortgages since 1984. But let me tell you, for me, it’s more than a career—it’s a calling, a mission, and a journey to bring families closer to the dream of home.

Starting as a loan processor and eventually becoming an Underwriter, I have the privilege of offering a unique, hands-on perspective to every loan. For me, it’s about going beyond the numbers; it’s about understanding the dreams, concerns, and unique circumstances of each family. Bringing families home isn’t just a job; it’s my life’s mission.

Now, as a Mortgage Loan Originator (or, as I like to call it, a Dream Enabler), I get to be a part of something magical. It’s not just about mortgages; it’s about making folks into families, turning houses into homes, and helping families save for that future college fund. We’re not just building homes; we’re building futures.

I’ve been around the block—from processing and underwriting to closing and shipping loan files. Critical thinking? Absolutely. But I like to throw in a good dose of common sense. It’s about simplifying the daunting process, making it approachable, and ensuring we close loans effectively.

For me, it’s not just about the papers and processes; it’s about people. Your dreams become my mission. I’m not just a Mortgage Planner; I’m your guide, your advocate, and your partner in this significant life step.

Join me on this journey where mortgages aren’t just transactions; they’re stories. Stories of families finding their place, building their dreams, and creating a legacy. With me, you’re not just getting a knowledgeable and experienced professional; you’re gaining a partner who cares deeply about your journey.

So, let’s not just talk about mortgages; let’s talk about your dreams, your future, and how we can build something great together. I’m here to make your homeownership dreams a reality—one step at a time. Welcome to a personal and exciting approach to mortgage planning!

All-in-One Solution

Our Loan Process...


A loan pre-approval sets you up for a smooth home buying experience.


Start working with a real estate agent and viewing homes.


A few documents are needed to get a loan file through underwriting.


Assemble all the necessary paperwork and details for the underwriter.


They closely evaluate all the documentation in the loan package.


Documents are drawn and sent to the title company for closing.

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