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With over 23 years of dedicated experience in the mortgage industry, I am privileged to serve as the Underwriting Manager at Mortgage, Inc. My journey in this dynamic field has been characterized by unwavering commitment, diverse expertise, and a passion for producing high quality of underwriting work.

Professional Journey:

My career commenced in 2000, immediately following my graduation from California State University, Dominguez Hills, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, with a focus on Management. This strong educational foundation laid the groundwork for what would become a successful and fulfilling career.

Throughout my tenure, I have held various pivotal roles, including Underwriter, Senior Underwriter, fully endorsed DE Underwriter with FHA, SAR with VA, USDA Certified, VP of Underwriting, Regional Underwriting Manager, and Underwriting Manager. These roles have exposed me to the inner workings of both small and large mortgage companies, granting me invaluable insights into different operational aspects of this ever-evolving industry.

Diverse Agency Product Knowledge:

My expertise spans across a wide array of Agency products, including FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, and Jumbo loans. My comprehensive understanding of these programs has allowed me to navigate the intricacies of underwriting, ensuring that we offer a seamless and efficient experience to both our valued sales partners and clients.

Philosophy and Values:

My career philosophy is rooted in the belief that the quality of our work is highly dependent on continuing educational refreshers regularly on guidelines, and having strong relationships with our sales partners. I am a firm advocate of prioritizing robust, lasting relationships as the cornerstone of success in the mortgage industry. By establishing strong connections with clients and partners, we can collectively achieve our objectives with precision and finesse.

My journey in the mortgage industry has been marked by an unyielding dedication to delivering excellence, forging meaningful relationships, and constantly striving for improvement. I am excited to continue this journey with Mortgage, Inc., where I am committed to contributing my wealth of experience and expertise to drive our shared success

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