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Buying a Home with a Pool or Hot Tub

Swimming Pool

Coming home from work, slipping into a bathing suit, and jumping into a crystal clear pool sounds great, right? The only thing that could make it better would be following it up by relaxing in the adjoining hot tub. Homes that include pools or Jacuzzis sound great but come with their own set of pros and cons.

Pros of the poolside life

A private pool is great because it is always open and there aren’t any crowds (at least not unless you invite them over). You can decide to just lounge with relaxing music, play water games, or even swim laps without ever having to worry about bumping into others or navigating crowds on a summer day.

You don’t have to pack a ton of stuff for your day at the pool because everything that you could need is right inside your own home. When the pool is at your own home, there is no need to gather your belongings and change clothes every time you want to take a break. You simply need to head back inside until you are ready for your next dip in the water.

Pools are very popular in hot climates as a way to enjoy time outdoors without overheating. Some people even spend the majority of their day lounging in and out of the pool.

Cons of a pool at your home

Pools and Jacuzzis require maintenance. Adding and balancing chemicals can become quite a chore and adds to the overall expense. Salt water pools are a little bit easier to maintain but still require that you monitor their salt levels and add as necessary.

Pools can also be expensive to install and maintain. The added water and electricity needed to keep a pool filled and at a comfortable temperature is an additional expense, especially if you live in an area with harsh temperatures that require your heating or cooling elements to run often. Pools can also be very expensive to repair, which needs to be done quickly before the overall pool structure becomes unsafe.

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