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When your Credit is pulled that information is likely sold! Protect yourself!

When your credit report is pulled is that information being sold?    Protect Yourself!

Don’t be caught off guard by unwittingly becoming a “Trigger Lead”.   Everyone I know seems to regret it!

Did you know that when your credit is run, this triggers an alert to those Credit Bureaus (Equifax. Experion, Innovis and TransUnion) that you may be looking for a home loan.

These credit bureaus make money by selling your personal information to other companies as “Trigger Leads”

You are about to enter into one of the biggest transactions of your life.  The last thing you need is a loan rep or telemarketer calling you and offering up phony interest rates.   Deal with a trusted professional!   Don’t ever buy anything over the phone.

There is a way to stop trigger lead harassment!

As your mortgage planner,  we want to make you aware of your rights in this situation.  You have the right to “opt out” which protects your information from being sold to other parties for 5 years.


You can do this quickly and easily by visiting https://www.optoutprescreen/form/.     There you will also learn how to “Opt Out” permanently.

If you have any questions about “opting out”, please feel free to contact one of our Mortgage Loan Originators.   We look forward to making the process of obtaining a home loan a rewarding one!


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