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What NOT to do during the loan process

What NOT to do while buying a home!!!

Do not: Apply for new credit cards or lines of credit. And speaking of credit, try not to increase the balance on your credit cards more than you normally would.
Do not: Buy a car or shop around for a car.
Do not: Open a new bank account or make a large deposit. All deposits in the past several months will need to be checked by the lender and a paper trail will need to be established.
Do not: Transfer money between bank accounts.
Do not: Sell major assets such as a car.
Do not: Get married, divorced or go on leave at work.
Do not: Go out of town for an extended period of time. You’ll want to be available to the lender and your agent to answer questions and sign disclosures as needed.
Do not: Borrow money from any source.
Do not: Change jobs or quit your current job.

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